Your questions answered


When will MetalCore be Launched?
Metalcore will be in open beta by end of 2024! Follow our Twitter and Discord to not miss announcements and benefits along the way!
What’s with the web3?
Players can experience the bounty of MetalCore's gameplay without web3, however, Web3 empowers the players with true ownership and control of their gear. Go out and show the competition the power of your arsenal! Ready for an upgrade? Your gear and your skill are your own best marketing. Capitalize on that display of power earlier! Easily sell the old and upgrade to the new.
What platforms or devices will MetalCore be Available on?
MetalCore will be available on the Epic Games Store and compatible with Windows PC.
Does it cost to play MetalCore?
MetalCore will be free-to-play.
How can I participate in the Alpha3 of MetalCore?
To be able to participate in Alpha 3, please sign up for the Alpha waitlist here: Emails will be sent out containing your MetalCore game key and instructions on what the next steps are!
How can I stay updated on the latest MetalCore News and Announcements?
To stay up-to-date on news and announcements, please join the MetalCore Official Discord and follow us on