Patch Notes
Apr 9, 2024

Closed Beta 2 Begins Today

Closed Beta 2 Begins Today poster

Return to Kerberos

Hello Mercs! Over 6000 militants joined us on the battlefield in our first Closed Beta, completing missions and racking up MARKS. It's time to enter the SECOND phase of Closed Beta, starting April 9.

If you thought that the Closed Beta 1 was thrilling? LOCK and LOAD, because we're about to take things to a whole new level. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new exciting updates heading your way.

Biggest Updates:

1. Infantry Loadouts | There's a loadout just for you!

Screengrab of loadout

Players can now customize their class specific loadouts, allowing further tuning to specific playstyles. Giving you even more ways to customize your loadouts to fit your playstyles.  

2. Regional Deployment | Deploy and destroy


Command your troops and call in reinforcements! The all-new “Theater of Operations” feature allows you to fast travel and deploy at specific regions in the map where there’s more action to engage in – all from the comfort of your garage. 

3. World Boss Buff | Groundshaking (quite literally) stomping attacks

Landscape scene from MetalCore

World bosses can stomp now, ‘nuff said. Keep your head up and watch where you’re going! This will require players to strategize on how to out-maneuver them, and offer a more rewarding victory once you defeat these behemoths. 

The introduction of stomping attacks reinforces the sense of scale and power associated with world bosses, emphasizing their status as formidable foes that demand respect and careful strategy to overcome. As players face off against these buffed adversaries, they'll experience adrenaline-pumping encounters filled with tension, excitement, and the thrill of victory.

Other Cool Features:

Added PvP Domination World Mission

City scene from MetalCore

Brand new Domination World Missions added! Play with and against other players in Domination mode in Skull Pass and Crater City.

Hologram vehicles for scanning husks

  • Upon encountering a previously unseen enemy vehicle, defeat it and initiate an all-new scanning process where you can scan the husk and watch a hologram of that vehicle appear once the scan is complete. The blueprint then seamlessly gets added to your blueprint inventory.

Unit leveling updates | Level up together

  • New and improved leveling up system for your combined arms collection (Infantry and Vehicles) aka “Units” - so that it feels more rewarding to you and offers you more meaningful advancements and upgrades as you progress. This offers a smoother progression path for your units as they gain experience and proficiency in combat.

New consumables

  • You will now be able to craft and obtain various remote consumable skills such as airstrikes to use against enemies. 

How long is the Closed Beta?

  • Closed Beta Phase 2: will be from April 9th - May 14th, with a two week hiatus from Apr 23 - May 6. The hiatus will be used to prepare a battlefield surprise that raises the stakes higher than ever before. Shortly after the end of Phase 2, $MCG will go live, and participants in Closed Beta who have earned Marks either through in-game or quest participation will be eligible to claim $MCG!

SIGN UP for early access 👉 

How to get access to the Closed Beta?


To get yourself a beta code, be sure to sign up with your email at to be put on the waitlist to receive a code! During Closed beta phases, game keys will be sent out every 24 hours.

To get a fast-track to a beta code, you can join our Discord and fill out this form.

Follow us on Twitter for game code giveaway opportunities

Please note that even if you hold a beta code and try to play the game in between our Closed Beta phases, you won’t have access to the full gameplay experience. You will need to login to play at specific time frames that are announced by the official MetalCore channels (i.e. during the Closed beta phases) to experience the full gameplay of MetalCore and roam around Kerberos’ open-world!

What’s coming next?

  • We're excited to announce the addition of 2 full-time Community Managers, Maude and MetalK, to our team! This enhances our community support system as we GEAR up for the launch.

  • Introducing our upcoming Ambassador Program, crafted to empower all Mercs who wish to be an integral part of our community while reaping rewarding benefits. Play a pivotal role in promoting MetalCore, fostering a positive and engaging community environment! More info to come soon.

  • Get ready for weekly live streams starting soon! Tune in to watch us play, or even better, PLAY WITH US!

Stay tuned as we continue to ramp up activities and unveil exciting developments straight from the MetalCore HQ.

Until next time, Mercs. We'll see you on the battlefield SOON!

To learn more, join the conversation at Discord, follow us on Twitter @playmetalcore and visit