Code of Conduct
May 8, 2024

Code of Conduct and Core Values

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The MetalCore Community is everything to us! We're thrilled to have you as a part of our community and want players to feel proud to be a part of it. Our community is made up of passionate MetalCore lovers from all over the world and all walks of life, and it's constantly growing. We're always excited to welcome new members. We believe that the values and expectations of our community are what make it so amazing, and we strive to uphold these values every day.

This Community Code of Conduct and Core Values apply to all members of the MetalCore Community (including the team). Think of these as the Rules of the MetalCore community. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a brand new member, these rules are in place to ensure that we all have a positive and enjoyable experience.


We value and prioritize good sportsmanship between players. We believe that every player deserves a fair chance to win and enjoy the game the way that it should, which is why we strongly discourage any form of cheating or exploitation. Not only does it affect the experience of players, but it also damages the game's integrity. Play it straight and play it fair.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and bullying, including any inappropriate comments that target gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, or mental and physical ability. MetalCore is for everybody. Be welcoming to the newcomers!

Respect other people - it is a fundamental rule that applies to both community members and the MetalCore team. It is important to treat everyone with respect and kindness, just as you would like to be treated. Trying to bring someone down to elevate yourself never works out in the end.



  • Cheating
    Using third-party software or macros to gain an unfair advantage is considered cheating.
  • Exploiting/Bug Abuse
    Exploiting bugs or game mechanics in a manner not originally intended to gain an unfair advantage is considered unfair play.
  • Account Sharing/Account Boosting
    Allowing someone other than the account owner to play on the account, potentially providing an unfair advantage. Sharing account access can pose significant risks and may result in the termination of the owner's account.
  • AFK (idling)
    Any player who intentionally goes idle during a match or uses macros to prevent triggering the detection method.
  • Toxic Comms
    Bullying, trolling, offensive language, hateful speech, threats, discrimination and harassment of any kind.

  • Inappropriate or Offensive names
    Including but not limited to: Barony names, gamertag (usernames), account names.

All of the above can negatively affect the gaming experience of others. MetalCore promotes a positive and inclusive environment for everyone that wants to be a part of our community, therefore anything that goes against these values is prohibited..


We take Code of Conduct violations seriously. The MetalCore team will take action against accounts that break our rules, ranging from warnings to permanent bans. We won't review decisions or allow appeals against them. Please report any abusers to our Community Managers on Discord #💡・support if you judge that a player/member has breached one of the rules mentioned above.

We may update our Code of Conduct as our game and community evolve.
Thank you for being a part of the MetalCore community and for doing your part to maintain a safe, inclusive and fun environment for everyone.