May 1, 2024

Do Quests. Acquire Marks. $MCG.

$MCG Quests

This is your chance to be one of the first to get $MCG—the strategic asset of MetalCore! 

MetalCore is rolling out a series of social and in-game Quests which will reward highly active community members with points called “Marks”.  Be first and contribute early to collect the most Marks and $MCG.

There will only ever be 3 billion $MCG—no more, no less. This is a golden opportunity to secure this game-changing asset in the world of MetalCore.

Get Started with Social Quests

DeQuest will be your social quests mission portal, allowing you to take up new quests, rack up points, and track your progress. 

Here’s a simple 4-step guide on how to get started:

  1. Head to the Dequest platform using this link
  2. Sign up with a wallet or email
  3. Complete social quests to accumulate Marks (points)
  4. Exchange your points for $MCG at a later date when TGE happens

*If you are one of the lucky few who have Closed Beta Access, you can also complete in-game quests to get Marks! 

The MetalCore DeQuest platform offers weekly and bonus quests tailored to your level of dedication and support. If you’re trying to earn $MCG, you'll need to jump in via DeQuest.

Early Supporter Quests

Early Supporter Quest rewards will be given to some of our most loyal soldiers. This includes the CADETS that qualified for the Chibis, participated in the Loot n Shoot event, Alpha 3 tournament, Owned tournament, or have the @Barony Leader role in Discord. 

Starter Kit Quests

MetalCore welcomes and rewards all soldiers who have yet to set foot in Kerberos with Starter Kit Rewards. Don't have beta access? Don't fret! Join in on these social quests to gain Marks where all you need is an X/Twitter account. The Starter Kit Quest is designed as a no-brainer, easy way to dive into the world of MetalCore and get started with Marks!

Battlefield Starter Kit Quests

Once you secure your beta access key, you gain access to the MARKS the land of Kerberos provides. All in-game Marks acquired are recorded in our game database, but if you want to see all your Marks in one place, be sure to complete the Battlefield Starter Kit Quests that will add your in-game Marks to your social quest Marks.

Build Your Army Quests

Enlist your friends to become part of your army and grow your influence. In turn, your recruitment efforts will be rewarded with additional points.

Weekly Quests

A good soldier enters the trenches, a great soldier shows dedication to the cause. Every week, new quests will be available that open up new opportunities to acquire MARKS. Additionally, loyalty will be rewarded through exclusive Discord roles that boost points earned.

Infantry Migration Quests

The future of MetalCore lies at Immutable’s zkEVM. Therefore, holders of the MetalCore Infantry NFTs will be rewarded with MARKS for migrating their NFTs. These are dedicated $MCG rewards just for you, claimable at TGE.

To migrate your MetalCore Infantry NFTs, you can visit this page SOLDIER. After migrating, your Infantry NFTs will be playable in the world of Kerberos, and you gain additional daily contracts, allowing you to rack up more MARKS!

Join the MetaGame

Sometimes, it’s what happens off the battlefield that dictates success.

MetalCore records off-chain points for its community members based on a variety of factors that go beyond contracts and quests and doles out $MCG accordingly. 

But unlike the straightforward nature of in-game play, off-chain points don’t have set mechanisms. They’re finely tuned to reward organic, natural engagement and recruitment from core MetalCore community members. 

Sometimes, uncertainty can be your edge—but we’ll give you a hint. There are only so many ways to interact with MetalCore off-chain. Discord, X, DeQuest, and on-chain ownership are good places to start. 

How much have I earned so far?

Inside your DeQuest mission portal, you can track your road to GLORY and see the number of MARKS you have accumulated already. Furthermore, there’s a leaderboard section, where you can compare your rank to comrades of MetalCore.

For a Limited Time Only: Do In-game Quests during Closed Beta

MetalCore is currently in Closed Beta, which means you will need a beta access code to play the game. To get yourself a beta code, be sure to sign up with your email at to be put on the waitlist to receive a code! During Closed beta phases, game keys will be sent out every 24 hours.

To get a fast-track to a beta code, you can join our Discord and fill out this form.

I have my game key, now what do I do?

Follow the instructions in these to get yourself set up and ready for battle on Kerberos!

STEP 1: Redeem Your Code

Redeem your code by using this tutorial for EGS. If MetalCore is your first game on EGS, you may need to add a random free game to make MetalCore appear in your library. If MetalCore appears but says ‘unavailable’ under it after redeeming, restart your PC to repair this.

* Watch this video tutorial on how to redeem a code via the EGS website:

* Watch this video tutorial on how to redeem a code via the EGS app: 

STEP 2: Install MetalCore Game 

  1. Download the Epic Game Store Launcher to your PC.
  2. Log into your Epic Games account.
  3. Download and Install MetalCore. To complete the install, your PC may need a runtime. Install that here.

STEP 3: Account Creation & PLAY!

After installing and launching MetalCore, create your MetalCore game account. Your MetalCore account email should match your pre-registration email from our site. This loops you into many kinds of future goodies that you’d be entitled to (like that free vehicle). Now you're all set to play!

I have a game key from previous playtests, do I still need to sign up for the Closed Beta?

If you already have your key, great! We highly encourage you to also sign up to the MetalCore newsletter for exclusive content, events, sneak peeks, and the latest and greatest about the game so you don't miss out!

Gear Up and Get Started!

By being proactive and engage early on, you'll have the opportunity to accumulate the highest number of Marks and compete for $MCG.

Visit the DeQuest portal to dive into the trenches, and claim your first Marks today!