Nov 13, 2023

MetalCore Quick-Start Install Guide

A Mech shooting

Welcome to the fight, Scrub. Use this guide to redeem your Epic Games Store code, install MetalCore, get your settings configured and dip your toes into the waters of Kerberos. Ready to go?

Install Codes & Tutorial

Obtaining your install code is simple! Pre-register on our homepage and we will blast out more install codes each day of the playtest. Pre-registering grants you a free vehicle near Open Beta. If you need a code faster, go to our Discord and open a support ticket in #support asking for a code.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i7–8700k (6 Core Equivalent)
Memory: 16GB RAM
Graphics Card: GTX 1070
Storage: 60gb on SSD
Windows: 10 or 11
Epic Games Store Launcher: Yes
IP Address: Not China, Russia, North Korea
Mac: No
Linux: No
Mobile Phone: No

Install Tutorial

  1. Obtain your code from email or Discord support ticket.
  2. Download EGS Launcher to your PC here.
  3. Create your Epic Games account.
  4. Redeem your code using tutorial. If MetalCore is your first game on EGS, you may need to add a random free game to make MetalCore appear in your library as well. If MetalCore appears but says ‘unavailable’ under it after redeeming, restart your PC to repair this.
  5. Download & Install MetalCore.
  6. To complete the install, your PC may need a runtime. Install that here.
  7. After launching MetalCore, create your MetalCore account. Your MetalCore account email should match your pre-registration email from our site. This loops you into many kinds of future goodies 👀
  8. Optionally link your wallet to your MetalCore account using (Tutorial). This allows you to deploy your Infantry NFTs in battle.
  9. You’re ready to play!

PC Performance Tips

Heed this critical intel, Scrubs. Optimize your PC for the best experience!

Trunkletron’s RTX3090 preferred settings (including recording 4k 60p to disk)

Regardless of your PC specs, choose 30fps or 60fps in the FPS setting.

✅ Make sure your screen resolution setting matches your monitor.

✅ Fullscreen mode is generally best, but not in all cases.

✅ You may need to brighten your Gamma slightly from default.

✅ VSYNC: ON can help improve performance, but not in all cases.

✅ Tune your individual graphics settings to taste. If streaming or recording, you may want to choose slightly lower settings than you normally would (Trunkletron uses all ‘High’ for his RTX3090)

👀 Currently, MetalCore is better optimized for NVIDIA hardware.

PvE Gameplay Video Guides

Check out this walkthrough video on how to complete your Prologue and Garage missions. These missions get you familiar with MetalCore gameplay.

                                                                  MetalCore First Missions Gameplay

Get up to snuff on grinding for loot, doing missions, menu systems, stashing, transmuting, crafting, and spawning. Trunkletron guides your way!


NOTE: Fabricator terminal may be located next to Stash console in main base instead of outdoors, depending on your MetalCore version. Also, some gameplay aspects may have changed since video upload.

Reporting Issues

You can inform us about issues or bugs you encounter, by opening a support ticket here!
For suggestions and feedback visit out Discord server and create a feedback post in the #feedback channel.

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge in this ultimate guide, you’ll be an absolute menace on the battlefield! See you there, Scrub.

About MetalCore

MetalCore is a first-person shooter (FPS) mechanized combat game set in an expansive open world. Developed by Studio 369, MetalCore is built within the Unreal Engine 4, where players can engage in PvP mega-battles, cooperative PvE fights, and faction-based, open-world clashes. MetalCore combines the engagement of traditional gaming with benefits of digital assets and in-game asset ownership. To learn more, please join the conversation at, follow us on Twitter @playmetalcore and visit

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