Patch Notes
Jun 13, 2024

Upcoming Game Updates: June 2024

Game updates Metalcore june

After the success of Closed Beta 2.0 and 2.5, we're excited to bring you our most game-changing release yet. We are now marching towards the launch of Closed Beta 3 (Official Date—TBD). Here are the key updates and features you can look forward to in the next release: 

  • Experience new gameplay where players compete against each other within a limited timeframe or objective.
  • Engage in fast-paced, action-packed battles with new modes including Domination, Capture the Flag, and High Value Target.

  • Fight alongside your faction allies to complete objectives in a war-torn world.
  • PvE missions which will be tailored to each of the factions.

Dedicated locations within the game world for players of different factions to gather, interact, and engage in social activities.

Players can now customize their vehicle-specific loadouts, allowing for further tuning and refinement to suit their playstyle.

A new zone will be unlocked in Closed Beta 3.0. What was once a humble part town has become a bitterly contested battleground, as Starslope Station's vital Control Tower makes it a strategic foothold in the war for Kerberos.
Get ready to deploy.

Leaderboard Reward Systems

New leaderboard-based reward system offers incentives based on player ranking and performance. The higher you rank, the larger the percentage of the reward pool you receive compared to lower-ranked players.

Stability and Performance Improvements

  • Increased optimizations and bug fixes to ensure smooth gameplay.
  • Reduced crashes or freezes and maintained consistent frame rates

Upgraded World SFX

  • Enhanced sound effects to make the world feel more advanced, powerful, and cooler.

*New features or updates may be added closer to the release.

Lastly, as a special treat, we are hosting a playtest session—the Global PvP Stress Test, inviting everyone with a MetalCore key to join. This is your chance to help us test the game while having fun and honing your skills in a low-stakes environment. We can't wait for you to experience all the new features and cool things we have been working on. Some of the upcoming features will be present as well in this playtest. The playtest will take place exclusively on June 15, 2024, at 2:00 PM UTC. For more details, head to our Discord.

Thanks again for being a part of MetalCore. We will see you on the battlefield for Closed Beta 3 🫡