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Welcome to the
MetalCore Open World Alpha!

What is this?
Open World Alpha is your opportunity to to play with a small slice of MetalCore - and for us to get feedback on some early tuning and server performance.

Open World Alpha is expected to run for several months, starting with small windows of time, and expanding with more gameplay and more server uptime.

Have specific questions?  See below, or join us on Discord.

Let me in!
If you own one of our NFTs - please go here to set up your access.
If you do not own one of our NFTs - please go here to get added to our waiting list.
Learn how to claim your OWA Access Keys here

Server Availability:
Open World Alpha - Open Times:

Player Guides:

Download our PDF directions here
Reading sucks watch our guide video here

Minimum Specifications for OWA:
> PC running Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
> Intel Core i5 Processor, or AMD equivalent
> 8GB of System Ram
> NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB.(or equivalent generation)
> Direct X: Version 12
> Broadband Internet connection required for playing
> 30GB of storage
To put it broadly, a gaming PC built 5-6yrs ago should be able to play METALCORE, at reasonable framerate, at low settings.  If you find that METALCORE is not working the way you’d expect on your PC, please get in touch with us through a feedback ticket.

Please note - these are for the current phase of Open World Alpha only.  We continue to add content as well as optimizations, so our final hardware requirements are likely to change.

Known Issues:
The game is a work in progress and you should expect to encounter unfinished, unpolished, or downright broken content along the way.  Stick with us, because things will only get better from here.

Known Game issues:
> TL;DR - game is an Alpha, and still has lots of WIP elements
> User receives " Lost connection to host " message after logging in with newly created account
       > Please restart and try again
> Give up won't work after pressing SPACE when character is downed
       > Hold space for 1 second to give up
> Heavy Assault's infinite ammo ability doesn't function after switching weapons
> Sometimes the player may be spawned in midair with his head through the ceiling inside the base
> Engineer: effect when using main ability is not visible to the player who used the ability
> Scout: NPCs can see the player even if he uses the "invisible" ability
> Character remains on the map & leaderboard after the user disconnects from the server
> Some resources have no weight
> The weight of the items from inside of a container does not update in real time
> Some Mech's SFXs for weapons and walking/running are distorted or missing
> Captured bunkers spawn enemies No ability to drop items from inventory
> AI will continue to shoot at dead corpse

Known Launcher issues:
> TL;DR - Launcher is still and Alpha, and has lots of WIP elements
> Users are able to change the install path via cog wheel menu under Install/Update game button. 
> Launcher does not put a shortcut on the Desktop.  Can be started with "Infinite Launcher" found in the Start Menu under Apps, or by relaunching the installer.
> Game Installation or updating randomly stops without any context In the error pop-up
> “Error Getting Access Key” message.  We’re working on a fix for this.  Please try again.
> “Error Installing the Game” message.  A couple of things trigger this error.
       > Make sure your network connection is maintained during download and installation.
This can happen with a network interruption.  Launcher seems to re-download the whole game, but it’s actually trying to continue from where it left off.  This gets it in a bad state.
       > Launcher got into a bad state.  Last option once you’ve checked your storage space and connection - delete the 'InfiniteGames' folder.  This will start the process over again from scratch.

Suggestions and feedback: Please fill out our questionnaire!Let us know how the game feels from a fresh perspective of looting and unlocking by using that feedback button in the launcher!