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Open World Alpha : Access Keys

How to claim your OWA Access Keys: 

1. Create/Register your MetalCore account at: https://portal.metalcore.gg/login 

2. After submitting your account information, you will beprompted to "Connect your Wallet" to this web portal. This way wewill know that you are the owner of the connected wallet.-- You can skip this step and connect your wallet later, butconnecting your wallet is required to obtain access keys. 

3. After connecting your wallet to the web portal, you willbe prompted to "Link your Wallet" to your MetalCore account. This waywe will know this wallet belongs exclusively to your game account. -- You can skip this step as well and link your walletlater, but linking your wallet is required to obtain access keys. 

4. Once you are successfully logged into the dashboard, ifour system is able to detect a MetalCore NFT in your linked wallet, you willsee 3 Access Keys after a few seconds. 1 for you, 2 for you to share. We willalso provide a link to download our game launcher. 

5. If we are not able to detect a MetaCore NFT in yourlinked wallet, you will NOT see Access Keys but information on how you canobtain Access Keys to MetalCore's OWA. 

6. If you had previously skipped connecting or linking yourwallet, the next time you log in look to the top right for the option toconnect or link your wallet. You will only ever have to do this once unless youdecide to change your account's linked wallet in the future.  

7. This portal will only provide 3 Access Keys regardless of the number of MetalCore NFTs you have in your wallet. In case you have more than 3 MetalCore NFTs in your wallet and would like a few more Access Keys, please submit a Zendesk ticket (https://support.metalcore.gg/hc/en-us) with a screenshot of your gallery page showing multiple NFTs, and we give you the right number of keys.

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