Apr 9, 2024

The Road to $MCG - Start of Closed Beta 2: MECH UP!

A shooting scene from Metalcore

Troops, the moment for glory has arrived with MetalCore's Closed Beta Phase 2: MECH UP! and the unveiling of the $MCG token on our website.

MetalCore's Closed Beta Phase 2: MECH UP goes from April 9th to May 14th, with a one week hiatus from April 23rd - April 30th where [REDACTED] will be prepared for the battlefield. Mayhem will resume on May 1st with stakes higher than ever before.

The call to arms has been issued, now… it’s time to MECH UP, Soldier.

Field Report: A Call to Arms

Our first Closed Beta launched on February 26th and immediately hit the ground running. In just 48 hours, battle-ready warriors claimed 1,000 keys from the Battle Zone Warriors Quest. We've bolstered our ranks significantly, welcoming over 18,000 new collective community members. Our army grows stronger by the day.

During Closed Beta: Phase 1 - A Call to Arms, soldiers completed missions and earned Marks, hinting at rewards to come. And today, High Command has issued new intel - Marks acquired during Closed Beta will be correlated to $MCG claimable at TGE (Token Generation Event).

Marks & Closed Beta Phase 2

With this start of Closed Beta 2 starting today the battlefield expands – you can now acquire Marks not only in-game but also through doing quests.

Your efforts in MetalCore, both in combat and camaraderie, are recognized. 

$MCG: Fuel Your Victory

You heard right, Soldier.

At the dawn of our journey, we hinted at a reward that would mark your valor in the MetalCore saga. Now, we're thrilled to reveal the $MCG token, not just a currency, but a symbol of your achievements and the fuel for your rise to glory.

Minted from the very essence of conflict, the $MCG token is your key to amplifying your influence, customizing your arsenal, and leading your faction to victory.

From the heat of battle to the strategic planning in tournaments, every act of bravery and tactical decision you make enhances the MetalCore legion and is rewarded with $MCG. This not only solidifies your place in our story but also empowers you with the means to bolster your war efforts and broaden your tactical horizons.

For a deeper dive into the $MCG token's role in our universe and to grasp the full spectrum of its power, set your sights on our token website.

Armed with $MCG, your victory is not just imminent—it's inevitable.

Take the helm, Soldier, and carve your legacy into the heart of MetalCore.

Token Generation Event (TGE)

There’s more -  get ready for MetalCore’s TGE (Token Generation Event) — the milestone event where the $MCG token is officially released to the public, marking the start of its journey and use.

Our TGE will be shortly after the end of Closed Beta 2, so prepare yourself for a pivotal moment on your path to glory.

Enlistment Call: Pre-Registration is Open

MetalCore's Closed Beta Phase 2: MECH UP goes from April 9th to May 14th, enlist for duty in our Discord server and get ready for action!

What’s New in Closed Beta 2

Soldiers, MetalCore’s Closed Beta 2 is packed with new content that’ll enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Infantry Loadout Customization: Fine-tune your gear to match your combat style, enhancing your effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Theater of Operations: Rapidly deploy to hot zones for immediate action, straight from your base—no time wasted.
  • Beefed-Up World Bosses: Brace for the new stomp attack from world bosses. It’s going to take clever tactics and swift moves to bring these giants down.
  • Dive into PvP with Domination Missions in Skull Pass and Crater City.
  • Scan enemy vehicles for blueprints, expanding your tech arsenal.
  • Enjoy a revamped leveling system for your units, making each victory even sweeter.
  • Utilize new consumables like airstrikes to clear your path to victory.

For a deep dive into all the new game features and content in Closed Beta 2, be sure to read this Community Update blog post.

Gear up and make your mark, soldier. Your feedback on these updates will shape the future of MetalCore.

Complete Quests, Gather Marks, Get Rewards

Ensure you’ve pre-registered, joined our Discord. Secure your entry by filling out the intake form here, with game keys dispatched daily to chosen warriors every 24 hours. Veterans from previous battles – players who joined in our previous Alphas and Closed Beta 1 your prior engagement grants you direct access to this Closed Beta 2- directly jump into the game with the key you received previously!

Once enlisted, prepare for battle by following the setup guide here.

Soldier, it’s time to MAKE YOUR MARK on the battlefield and bring glory to your barony!

Play with your squad, pilot massive mechs, blow up your enemies and get rewarded.

Not a PC Player but still want to Support MetalCore?

Don’t fret! We have a bunch of social quests you can do to gain Marks and show your support on Twitter/X. Join in on our social quests to spread the word about MetalCore and be rewarded for it!. No gaming PC rig needed. All you need is a Twitter/X account,and you’re all set!

From being an early supporter to a new soldier on the battlefield, there are many ways for you to show your support and get rewarded for it! Acquire Marks by entering the fray on DeQuest.

REMINDER: There will be a one week hiatus from April 23rd - April 30th where [REDACTED] will be prepared for the battlefield, but the battlefield will resume on May 1st with stakes higher than ever before.

The battlefield calls for heroes. Will you answer and carve your legacy into MetalCore’s history?